Please Excuse our dust!

Feb 17 Update: Hope you all have been enjoying the great weather we’ve been having!!!  A few new features were rolled out today.  We changed the format on our current listings page and added a slideshow feature to each listing.  This is a precursor for a huge deployment currently being developed!  Thanks all for the feedback and comments.  We also adjusted several fonts throughout the site.  All Green related content has also all been centralized; you can find it by clicking on the @properties green logo to the right at any time.   There has been tremendous work on the admin side of things as well as the development of several new apps planned for the site this summer.  Should be exciting!

Feb 6 Update: Thank you all for the feedback and information about some of the glitches on the site.  The transition from WordPress’ .com site to self host hasn’t been terribly difficult and just a few of the media files didn’t transfer correctly.  We’re still going through the site and checking for broken or out-dated links not properly updating and your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you all!

Hello.  It’s been quiet for awhile now as I sat down with my programmers and designers to redesign the blog.  We just updated the domain settings and now quietly awaiting for the new host to kick in and start showing the page.  If you’re seeing it now, hello and welcome to the new site!  If not, be patient, it should go live shortly!   There were a lot of back-end changes done, as well as a new hosting company involved and separate domain registrar, so it may take a bit for all the changes from the different places to come in.

The entire setup of the site was changed, hopefully for the better.  We did a lot of testing before going live, but there still may potentially be some glitches or errors that we haven’t seen yet, so please feel free to message me if you come across any error(s).

We are still in the process of adding new features and content to the site which is still being tested.  Lot of exciting things to come.  Enjoy!