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Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping in again and for all of your continued support!!!

Just a quick note, I have been doing a lot of back-end admin updates to the site which is why I haven’t been able to get a new post up recently.  From the changes that you would be able to see:

  1. Cleaned up, edited and enhanced almost all of the posts here.  The enhancements aren’t complete, so check back again!
  2. My very amateur skills managed to finally get some javascript functioning enabling site search tags.  They appear on our recent post by the new signature.  Clicking on site tags will open up related posts here.  I’m considering adding one for outside engines (Technorati, Flickr, WordPress) but didn’t want to get too cluttered too quickly.  We’ll see how it goes first and either add to or revise what we have. . .
  3. As just mentioned, a new signature in the footer of each post.  This caused me a huge headache with WP resizing the signature and finally had to bring it into Photoshop and create a “wider” version of the same image to prevent a wrap.  I’ll slowly get around to perhaps adding this to all posts including the site search function depending on feedback.

Other than these visible changes, a lot of work went into the admin side of things.  A lot of things are being planned for and currently in the works.  It will be an exciting, pending my coffee supply doesn’t run out.   I want to thank Lorelle or posting the original code and a lot of tips for customizing it.  Lorelle has a lot of info about blogging tips as well as WP users, a great source to check out.

The next step is to decide on hosting, or get a static IP and self host in the coming months…  Now time for sleep, wake up in three hours for real work.


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