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Oct 29 CCGT Tour 110
Last Friday, I took a tour of the Chicago Center for Green Technology.  The Center offers classes, resources and features exhibits about sustainable design and technology.  Many of the technology implemented into the building have grown in popularity in both the residential and commercial sector and is growing as the potential cost-savings are one of the possible benefits many look for.

The Center itself was the first rehabilitated municipal building to achieve Platinum LEED certification.  It was built on the former site of Sacramento Crushing which collected the debris from construction sites which was closed down in court by the Department of Environment.

Below are some features of the Center that can be easily incorporated into many homes.  One of the goals of sustainable technology is to create something that is appealing and accepted on a large scale.  The purpose is lost if the materials and technology is changed by every new homeowner.

Permeable pavers allow rain water to be soaked through to the soil underneath as well as directing water towards key areas.  This reduces the amount of rainwater entering the sewage systems.

Oct 29 CCGT Tour 33

The countertop is made from recycled Corian.

Oct 29 CCGT Tour 45Rain barrels are a part of the water management system.  Along with the green roof, it helps reduces water going into the city sewer systems.  Water is re-purposed for other uses such as watering gardens.

These are some of the simpler things that can be done to your home, especially if you are already redeveloping the bathroom or garden next spring.  To take a look at all the photos taken on my tour, visit my Flickr account.

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    • Sherwin

      Oct 29 CCGT Tour 107

      Here is the beehive. It is an indoor hive. The entire hive sites on a lazy susan to allow a 360 degree view. At the bottom, there is an opening that leads to a pvc pipe that leads out through the window, allowing the bees to enter / leave any time. Because the hive is thin, honey drips towards the bottom and is collected through that jar which is pictured. This was a huge attention getter and is popular for both kids and adults. It could be possible to build one in your own home too perhaps from an old window repurposed.

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