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Below are courtesy market reports of Chicago area real estate statistics. These are for review purposes only to gauge the overall market and trend of real estate in the Chicago area and should not be used in determining housing or business goals without discussing with a broker in detail. Analysis […]

Chicago Real Estate Trends & Statistics

Take a moment to read up on the current news in real estate in Chicago and the Suburbs. Updated news for homeowners, buyers and sellers. From market updates, to emerging trends and statistics, stay up to date! Brought to you by the #1 brokerage firm – @properties.

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At the end of the week, we will be moving the popular  sticky “Chicago Real Estate Trends & Statistics” from the main column and will be in the 3rd column under Links & Resources and under the same post name.  It is already located there, and we will continue to […]

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Sherwin Sucaldito is a REALTOR® with @properties, in Chicago, specializing in residential & commercial sales and leasing.  With almost twenty years as a licensed agent, as well as a few years as an investor prior to, Sherwin has learned about the investment, development and construction business at a young age.  […]

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