Spring Cleaning, tips and preventative maintenance
Whether you're a new home owner, current home owner or possibly considering selling your home, now is as good a time as any to start on some spring cleaning! Here are some generally overlooked items that can prevent costly maintenance.

Spring Cleaning

Your home has everything to do with what’s inside of it as well as around it. It’s essential to find your neighborhood that matches your own personal lifestyle.

Not Just a Home

Financial planning is a crucial step, and can make your investment real estate portfolio succeed or fail.

Planning Your Portfolio

Dog Parks Chicago
Many prospective home buyers list pet friendly buildings as a search criteria when searching for their next home. But having a pet friendly building may not be enough – vicinity to dog parks is sometimes just as essential and a requirement many homebuyers are looking for.

Dog Friendly Parks and Neighborhoods

Sillhoette of man walking down store aisle
With many retail stores, malls and shopping centers facing changes in consumer buying habits and the convenience of online shopping, many landlords and owners of commercial retail properties are looking at the best use of vacant spaces.

Popping Up

House with mold
The State of Illinois has recently stopped distributing the mold disclosure form. The mold disclosure which was recently available for years through Illinois REALTORS® stopped providing these forms, after a legal review.

Mold Disclosures

GAAP Finance graphic
Omnibus Condominium Bill - House Bill 189 is a major rewrite of parts of the Illinois Condominium Property Act and Common Interest Association Act.

Omnibus Condominium Bill

Cleaning hardwood floors for selling home
Spring is generally a hot season for home selling and buying. But just as there is more demand, there is also an increase in inventory and competition from others looking to sell their home as well.

Selling Your Home in the Spring

The biggest locally owned residential real estate firm in Chicago plans to move this month out of the main office its founding partners opened on Fulton Street more than 16 years ago.

@properties moving lead office to River West

Chicago aldermen are proposing new rules in an effort to curb gentrification and maintain affordable housing in the area for residents nearby the 606 trail.

Proposed Ordinance for 606 Developers

Nicor Gas residential customers could see their annual bills rise by an average of 8.3 percent, or $4.79 a month, in 2018 under a proposed rate hike the company is seeking to recoup higher costs.

Nicor Gas seeks $4.79 average monthly rate hike

Double Door Evicted
Double Door has been evicted from its longtime location in Wicker Park after an extended legal battle. Double Door failed to make payments on any of their owed appeal bonds, according to a lawyer who represents the club’s landlord.

Double Door Evicted from Wicker Park